Clarify Mind: 10 of 10: Lose Yourself

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When I run, sometimes, I get in a zone where I feel so relaxed and peaceful. Endorphins kick in and probably are helping, too. I enjoy the stillness; it is so soothing, energizing, and decompressing. It gets me in my flow; everything becomes so effortless. I have experienced getting new insights, ne

Clarify Mind: 6 of 10: Patience

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Things unfold according to their nature. What makes me rush them? It is, directly or subtly, anger. What lies beneath the surface of anger is some fear. What is it in the current situation that is making me feel threatened? What stops me from accepting the current situation as it is? What is frustra

Clarify Mind: 5 of 10: Trust

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Can’t I trust the natural wisdom of the body and how it supports life? My breath takes care of itself, gratefully. My ears can hear, eyes can see, organs can take care of the metabolism and biology of being alive. There are so many beautiful and complex things unfolding in the body. If my body

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